New Entry to Practice (NEtP)

ACE stands for Advanced Choice of Employment - it is a graduate recruitment process that assists graduate Nurses to find their first job in a NETP or NESP programme across New Zealand.

  • ACE allows graduates to apply and provide their application documentation through one centralised point. This process will allow all employers (up to 3 preferences per application), to review their applicants and then interview those applicants that match their organisations employment criteria.
  • You are encouraged to communicate with and do some research on the employers that you have chosen to apply to. Information about your employers can be found by researching their career websites and asking key people in the organisation questions about their organisation. From this information you will come to understand that each employer has specific areas of practice that may be of interest to you.
  • You can also choose up to 3 practice areas or specialties that you are interested to work in, and again there will be some differences in practice settings offered across the 3 employers that you have selected.
  • For each employer you've selected, you should make every effort to include the reasons why you have chosen your areas of clinical practice. Employers will be able to see your choices of specialty in the order you have selected them.
  • If you are highly focused on gaining a position in your first chosen specialty area, you should say so. If you would be happy working in any one of your 3 choices, again you should note that on your cover letters.