Whānau first for Kia Puawai

The service is for pregnant women and whanau with children aged 0-5 years residing in Western Heights and surrounding suburbs. We have two midwives who provide clinics four days a week, we offer pregnancy and parenting information and education (individual or group), Well Child Tamariki Ora checks, hands on practical support, smoking cessation support, social support, access to maara kai (vegetable garden) and access to clothing for 0-5-year-olds.

Being a two-year pilot programme we were viewed as "temporary" and for this reason some services were hesitant to refer whānau. We overcame this through relationship building, communication and collaboration ensuring we kept community interests at heart.

The number of whānau accessing the service has grown, mums are sharing their experience and recommending the service to their friends and whānau. Referrals have increased as providers have a better understanding of our service. Lakes DHB have extended our contract which gives assurance that whānau have access to Kia Puawai support and services for another year.